1.) Charge the battery fully before initial use. Failure to fully charge the battery may permanently reduce its capacity and lifespan. 

Please make sure you're using the micro-USB cord supplied with your purchase to charge the battery. If you lose any components, please refer to our battery and fast charger specs to ensure you're using an appropriate alternative >>> +MV1: Battery & Fast Charger Specs  

+MV1: How Do I Know My Battery is Fully Charged? 

+MV1: Battery (best practice)

Best practice is to wait 3-4 minutes to allow the device to cool down before opening the door. When opening the door, put pressure on the door by hold the door closed and then hit the latch button to open it. When closing the latch, hold the latch button open then close the door. Reading the following Support Knowledgebase articles will also ensure that you get the best from your MV1 going forward

+MV1: Turn MV1 On & Change to Vape Mode

+MV1: Vaping Dry Herb (Best Practice)

+MV1: Using the MV1 Without the App
+MV1: Cleaning

+MV1: Assemble/Disassemble Heat Sink

+MV1: Vaping Concentrates (Best Practice)

+MV1: Pair to Smart Device

For an overall rundown of the basics, please click on the following: 

+How to Use Your MV1