What is GHOST Vapes' Warranty Policy? 

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and workmanship for 2 years from the original date of purchase. The warranty can be extended to a total of 5 years from the original purchase date, provided that the Device is registered with GHOST via the App or the My Account section of the website within 90 days of purchase. The warranty does not cover the battery, which has a total warranty of 1 year from original purchase date, and protects against defects in materials and/or workmanship. Please read our Warranty and Returns section to get the full details.

Warranty Return Policy 

In order to assess the reported problem, we may request additional details, including photos and/or videos to determine whether warranty service is required.

Third Party Purchase

Retailers are given consent by GHOST Vapes, Inc. to sell our products by way of a contract where there are restrictions and guidelines that must be met to ensure the goods sold meet our quality and performance standards. Channels such as eBay, Amazon, instagram, Facebook, Craigslist, etc., are considered "3rd party." While these individuals may have been the original purchasers, the warranty is non-transferable. When you purchase something from an un-authorized reseller, you are assuming the risk that you are buying a product that does not meet the manufacturer's quality standards and warranty is thereby invalidated.

To file a warranty claim with GHOST Vapes, please provide the following information in a support ticket and a representative will take care of you. 

1.) Order number or Retailer name

2.) Serial Number of your MV1 - You can find it on the box, or behind the unit when you remove the battery

3.) Contact Information (Full name, phone number, and Ship-to address)

4.) Reported Issue 

To expedite the process of replacement or confirmation of defect, you may include photos or a short video displaying the defect. 

We recommend propping your recording device up so your hands are free to operate the MV1. 

* If you're unable to attach the video to your email response, you can upload the video to the file sharing service of your choice (e.g., Google Drive; Dropbox; etc.) and share the link.

Send all of information in a formal support request by clicking here >>> Create New Support Ticket

What is GHOST Vapes' Return Policy?

GHOST will accept returns of products sold via it’s website within 14 days of purchase without the Customer needing to demonstrate a defect of the products purchased. The Device must be unused and remain in the original packaging with the security seal unbroken. The Customer is liable for any return expense and is advised to use a tracked delivery service to ensure the product or products to be returned are delivered successfully. GHOST is not responsible for any product lost or stolen during any return process. GHOST will refund the full purchase price within 14 days of receipt of returned goods once it has been verified they are in their original condition and packaging.

Should you purchase your Device or other GHOST branded products from an authorized reseller, your return will be governed by the return policy of such authorized reseller.  You may not return a Device purchased from an authorized reseller directly to GHOST.

You can find out more about our Warranty and Return Policies here.