1.) The MV1 will perform best with a fully charged battery. (follow best practice here)

2.) For best results make sure your flower is dry so that it's conducive for vaporization. 

  • Tip: You can leave your dry herb out on a piece of paper for 10-15 minutes prior to packing it. 

3.) Grind to a medium-coarse consistency

4.) Fill the crucible lightly, don't cram it full (+MV1: How Do I Load the Crucible?)

5.) Make sure you're using one of the 5 Herb Settings (see legend above)

  • The MV1 was designed to deliver both the full flavor of your material and a potent hit. The following sequence is predicated on providing this experience. 

    * Start your session on Heat setting Herb - Low (1 amber LED)
    * Next, take two draws on Herb - High (3 amber LED)
    * Finally, finish your crucible on Herb - Fav 1 or 2 (1 or 2 red LED)

6.) The further you pull the stem out, the less resistance you'll have, the deeper it's pushed down equals higher resistance. Depending on how you're inhaling, you will need to adjust your mouthpiece accordingly. As a guideline, start by pulling the stem all the way out just until the groove 3/4 of the way down is hidden. You know it's positioned right when you hear a bubbling sound when you're taking a draw. 

7.) For the best results, take 10-second draws

8.) It's not a race: spread your inhale out so that you're able to comfortably draw at a consistent rate for the full 10 seconds

9)  Inhale with your diaphragm ( learn how here >>> What's the Best Way to Hit the MV1? )

10.) A typical session with flower is comprised of 6-8 draws

11.) Adjust speed and strength of draw as needed

12.) Adjust mouthpiece position as needed (higher the position, less resistance; lower the position, more resistance)

13.) For a breakdown of the draw sequence please click here >>> (When Do I Take My Draw?)

* The higher the heat setting, the more heat that's created, resulting in more vapor. The higher in heat you go, the less flavor you will experience.

* Heat Setting 1 (1 Amber LED) was designed to enable a discreet vaping experience where there's little to no vapor. You will experience the full flavor of your material on this setting however.
* Material does play a role in your experience. For instance, if you're vaporizing the natural herbs that we sell on our site you will likely get no vapor

If you're following our recommendations and you're not seeing the kind of vapor you'd like, please click here >>> +MV1: Vapor Production